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Please note that Installment Plan Policies are different from full payment policies.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations are done on a per request basis, if Customer Support is able to catch the order before it ships, it will be cancelled. The cancellation fee is 2.9% of the order total. If the order has been shipped before the cancellation request was able to be processed the order can no longer be cancelled and is now subject to the Refund & Return Policy.

Refund Policy

Refunds are only issued on products that carry a ‘Money Back Guarantee’. Each Money Back Guarantee comes with a Money Back Time Frame associated with the Guarantee and a Refund Percentage specific to the Guarantee.

The Money Back Time Frame begins on the date that the order is received. If tracking information does not show a received date the 'Money back Time Frame' begins 10 days after the order was placed.

The Refund Percentage is for the product cost only, it does not apply to original shipping services. The Customer is responsible for all packaging and shipping required, including shipping labels, to return the merchandise to the Company.

If Customer wishes to return an eligible product for a refund, Customer is required to submit a Return Merchandise Authorization Form and return the product to the Company within the Money Back Time Frame. The Company will not accept returns for any reason without a completed RMA form or RMA number. In some cases the Customer will be expected to provide photo or video evidence.

That RMA form can be found here: https://slabway.com/pages/rma-forms

Please note, due to the size of Massage Chair products, freight shipments require a restocking/reroute fee per product, depending on what is applicable. With the exception of items damaged in transit, The Customer agrees that all refused deliveries are subject to a rerouting fee of $250 or a restocking fee of $350. Customers who return the chair using their own power will still be responsible for paying a restocking fee of $150.

Any refurbished product purchased through the Company is not eligible for a refund.

Replacement Policy

Replacements are sent for products that have a manufacturer defect or were damaged in transit.

To receive a replacement product please fill out the RMA Form found HERE. In the form the Customer will be asked to provide evidence of manufacturer defect or damage before a Replacement Order will be issued. In some cases the Customer will be expected to provide photo or video evidence.

The Company does appreciate when a defective product is returned by Customer for research purposes, however returning the product is not required for a Replacement Order to be issued.

Products replaced by the Company are only eligible for a one time replacement under any included or extended warranty.

Customers outside of their warranty period are eligible to purchase replacement parts where available on Massage Chair products.

Product Warranties

The Company offers parts and replacement warranties only. Please see below for Product Warranty Policies.

Massage Chair Warranty: The Slabway Massage Chair comes with a 1-year Manufacturer Warranty. A 3-Year Extended Warranty provided by the Company may be purchased for the Massage Chair.
Please note: this warranty is separate from the 1-year Manufacturer Warranty that is already provided with purchase. This 3-Year Extended Warranty adds 2 years of coverage to the included 1-year manufacturer warranty.

Foot Massager, Hand Massager, and Foot and Leg Wrap Warranties: A 1-year warranty provided by the Company may be purchased.

For details on these Warranties, Customer should refer to the documentation provided with the product or contact care@slabway.com to obtain a copy.

A warranty may only be purchased one time for each individual product.

Cosmetic damage caused by the customer or overall wear and tear from the use of the product is not covered under the Company Warranty Policies.

The Customer can add a warranty within 7 days of receiving the product.